RE-Imagine Your Retirement

Your Portfolio Designed Correctly - Reflecting Your Values - Your Needs - Your Dreams

Be Proactive About Your Future

You've saved for your retirement, and you're thinking about what's next - and you have questions:

  • Where your income is going to come from each month when you stop working?

  • What tax traps may I run into?

  • When do I take Social Security?

  • What kind of Medicare plan should I pick?

  • How do I put it all together in a Plan I understand?

Our primary focus is in helping people redesign their portfolios correctly for the new season of retirement they are about to enter or are in. We use financial planning strategies to help you live your life on your terms, in accordance with your values.

Your Team

Working for you since 2010

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Debbie Majher, Dave Majher, Rookie

Our goal is to help you have peace of mind and confident in your choices as you head into retirement.

Dave has been helping people navigate through the maze of Medicare Health insurance since 2010. He takes his time to unravel the parts of Medicare so it is fresh and clear in your mind.

Debbie is a Certified Retirement Counselor and has been helping people successfully save and transition into their retirement phase of their life.

Rookie keeps us in line and accountable. You'll also find him dispensing his wisdom through his "Rookie Facts".

We formed Evergreen Retirement Services in 2016 to bring our combined strengths under one umbrella.

Our PATH Planning Process

Get clear on where you are now, where you want to go, and how you're going to get there.


We ask the right questions and listen carefully to your values, concerns, needs, and goals.


We work to design a plan that incorporates your Personal priorities; Asset Allocation that mathematically fits your season of life, with Time horizons so there aren't surprises, and Holistically bringing the many aspects of a financial plan together in one place.


We help you and are with you along your journey.

Clear your Path of Obstacles

Learn the "Big 8"

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The path to the kind of retirement you’ve dreamed about may not be well-marked and neatly groomed. It might be riddled with traps, rough patches, and obstacles.

It’s likely that when you retire, you’ll have put in
anywhere from 40 to 50 years of work. Don’t let your dedication and success be
subject to a financial surprise.

Safeguard the Legacy of Your Family against Tomorrow's Uncertainties

Don't leave your retirement funds to chance and live the retirement life you want

  • Tax planning/Minimizing taxes

  • Correct Portfolio Alignment

  • Know where you are, where you're going, and How to get there


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