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Debora Majher, NSSA®

Debbie’s focus is on listening and building a plan around the client’s needs and goals. She works with professionals, business owners and retirees who are concerned with building and maintaining financial security for themselves and their families. Life and Health Insurance licenses. Debbie has also taken extensive training to learn the Federal Worker benefits, State Teacher’s Retirement System, as well as holding the National Social Security Advisor’s Certificate. She is the Chapter President of the Mayfield/Willoughby chapter of the American Financial Education Alliance (AFEA®) and holds workshops on various topics in the area.

Phone: (216) 659-7268
Email: deb@evergreenrs.net

David Majher

Dave has been a licensed Health & Life agent since 2001. For the last nine years he has concentrated on Health insurance for Medicare individuals. He looks at the needs of the client and finds the plan that is best for them. As an independent agent, he has access to the multiple companies and plans that can work for the client – not just one company. David also services clients in the under 65 Health Insurance, Final Expense life insurance and Dental Insurance.

In addition, David has developed knowledge in the STRS and Federal Workers Health benefit programs and has helped many find the best plan for them during their retirement years.

Phone: (216) 659-7230
Email: dave@evergreenrs.net